Companies House Prosecutions

We represent Company Directors who are being prosecuted by Companies House, and also advise on related issues.  We have successfully assisted many Directors in dealing with summonses for late filing of Company accounts and other records.

Thousands of Directors of companies each year receive summonses to attend the main Magistrates Court in Cardiff, a short distance from our offices.  We provide advice and representation, and deal with Companies House and the Court.

It is essential that legal advice from lawyers experienced in this area is taken as soon as a Director becomes aware of a prosecution.

We are happy to work with a Director’s current lawyers and accountants, having worked successfully on that basis for many clients.

We have successfully assisted Directors where:

  • Directors were being prosecuted for not filing accounts or for filing accounts many months after they were due to be filed;
  • Directors or family members were ill for long periods;
  • There were disputes between Directors;
  • Accountants had failed to file the Accounts;
  • Accounts could not be prepared or audited, for a wide variety of reasons;
  • Directors had been convicted previously and faced new charges;
  • Directors were being prosecuted after Accounts had been filed, but were filed late, even by a single day;
  • Directors required more time in which to finalise Accounts or have them audited;
  • Directors have been convicted in their absence, for example because they did not know they were being prosecuted or did not know the trial date;
  • and many more situations

If you, or one of your clients, are facing prosecution then call us on 029 2022 1300 now or email us at djm@djmurphy-solicitors.com to find out how we can help. We are happy to take initial telephone enquiries without charge.

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