Dispute Resolution

Both as individuals and businesses, disagreements can arise, and the firm is very experienced in finding solutions for its clients. These solutions do not always need to involve going to court and as a firm we are keen to be proactive and try to achieve the best solution for our clients, whether by informal or formal dispute resolution techniques, which may include mediation. If that is not possible then the firm is fully able to advise clients if their case has to be resolved through the court system by means of litigation.

These are some examples of the types of disputes which the firm deals with:

– Breach of contract
– Commercial agreements – including disputes involving the purchase and sale of businesses
– Companies in administration or liquidation (including pre-pack administrations); and Directors of companies facing insolvency proceedings
– Directors service contracts
– Employment contracts – including dealing with Compromise Agreements
– Landlord and business tenant/partnership disputes
– Partnership disputes
– Recovery of goods
– Shareholder disputes
– Trademarks

We offer cost-effective assistance and practical solutions, including advice on alternatives to going to Court. We will always try to seek the best solutions for our clients, whether by offering sound practical advice, or a combination of advice and appropriate legal action which may involve the Courts or other means of dispute resolution such as Mediation.

What is Mediation?

Mediation is a non-court-based method of resolving disputes. It is not the same as arbitration. It is sometimes referred to as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

Those involved in a dispute can agree to appoint an independent Mediator, who will listen to all the arguments. They will then try to guide or facilitate the parties to come to a solution which is mutually acceptable. These solutions are often impossible to get from court.

Benefits of using Mediation

Mediation has major advantages over court-based solutions. It can save costs of most other forms of dispute resolution and is especially good at unlocking those cases which are most intractable, or are heading for trial. For the parties and their advisers, it can lead to a speedy resolution of difficult cases.

Mediation also has a remarkable success rate, which often exceeds 85% of cases, and there is a “mediation effect”. This means that even if a case does not settle on the day of the Mediation – the parties still reach a settlement later.

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